What is Swift?

Swift is a simple API that allows you to request instant payments from your users. We currently support Venmo and Zelle. When a payment is requested and fulfilled by a user, your account number on file will be credited with the amount of the transaction, and we will POST a webhook to your provided URL so you can grant your users access to their funds.

The speed of this credit depends on your underlying bank and whether it supports FedNow or RTP. If your bank does not support one of these two, Swift will credit your account with an ACH transaction. This will typically clear within 1 business day and holds no refund risk since is provided by Swift.

Setting up

To get started with Swift, you’ll need an API key (reach out to support if you don’t already have one). This key is permissioned and grants you access to use certain payment methods.

Ready to make your first request? Check out the API: